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    Tenth level paladin summons the seabeast

    What is the context here?

    Context is for wimps.

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    made of human skull, antelope horn, skin, gut, hair, 19th century

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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    El Infierno de Mark Powell

    I’ve had 2 pics of this in my laptop and it always fascinated me to an unbelievable level o.o

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  8. Bill Hicks

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    I appreciate this alliance. 

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    The time is the future. An earth laid waste by the ultimate cloud of destruction. Those humans that have managed to survive have created a world run on primitive primal lust and depravity. With devices that stagger the imagination. Created for one purpose, to stay alive. Since the great war, widespread genetic damage has rendered most males sterile, so now women are now in search of constant supply of fresh sperm. Angel Kelly and Sharon Mitchell roam this post-nuclear wasteland when they come upon Gail Force, who uses her awesome body to find men with available loads.

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    Fetal snake